Commit e47b4224 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(ibuffer-mode): Fix typo in previous change.

parent 9536288f
2008-01-18 Glenn Morris <>
* ibuffer.el (ibuffer-mode): Fix typo in previous change.
2008-01-17 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
2008-01-17 Miles Bader <>
......@@ -2516,7 +2516,7 @@ will be inserted before the group at point."
(setq major-mode 'ibuffer-mode)
(setq mode-name "Ibuffer")
;; Include state info next to the mode name.
(set (make-local-variable mode-line-process)
(set (make-local-variable 'mode-line-process)
'((ibuffer-sorting-mode (:eval (symbol-name ibuffer-sorting-mode))
"view time")
(ibuffer-sorting-reversep " [rev]")
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