Commit e47c389c authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov

Improve customization.

* lisp/tab-bar.el (tab-bar-new-tab-choice)
(tab-bar-close-button-show): New defcustoms.
(tab-bar-tab-name-function): New defvar.

* lisp/tab-line.el (tab-line-new-tab-choice)
(tab-line-close-button-show): New defcustoms.
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......@@ -99,9 +99,9 @@
(defvar tab-line-add-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map [tab-line mouse-1] 'tab-line-add-tab)
(define-key map [tab-line mouse-2] 'tab-line-add-tab)
(define-key map "\C-m" 'tab-line-add-tab)
(define-key map [tab-line mouse-1] 'tab-line-new-tab)
(define-key map [tab-line mouse-2] 'tab-line-new-tab)
(define-key map "\C-m" 'tab-line-new-tab)
"Local keymap to add `tab-line-mode' window tabs.")
......@@ -113,12 +113,18 @@
"Local keymap to close `tab-line-mode' window tabs.")
(defvar tab-line-separator nil)
(defvar tab-line-tab-name-ellipsis
(if (char-displayable-p ?) "…" "..."))
(defcustom tab-line-new-tab-choice t
"Defines what to show in a new tab.
If t, display a selection menu with all available buffers.
If the value is a function, call it with no arguments.
If nil, don't show the new tab button."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Buffer menu" t)
(function :tag "Function")
(const :tag "No button" nil))
:group 'tab-line
:version "27.1")
(defvar tab-line-button-new
(defvar tab-line-new-button
(propertize " + "
'display `(image :type xpm
:file ,(expand-file-name
......@@ -131,7 +137,23 @@
'help-echo "Click to add tab")
"Button for creating a new tab.")
(defvar tab-line-button-close
(defcustom tab-line-close-button-show t
"Defines where to show the close tab button.
If t, show the close tab button on all tabs.
If `selected', show it only on the selected tab.
If `non-selected', show it only on non-selected tab.
If nil, don't show it at all."
:type '(choice (const :tag "On all tabs" t)
(const :tag "On selected tab" selected)
(const :tag "On non-selected tabs" non-selected)
(const :tag "None" nil))
:set (lambda (sym val)
(set sym val)
:group 'tab-line
:version "27.1")
(defvar tab-line-close-button
(propertize " x"
'display `(image :type xpm
:file ,(expand-file-name
......@@ -144,6 +166,11 @@
'help-echo "Click to close tab")
"Button for closing the clicked tab.")
(defvar tab-line-separator nil)
(defvar tab-line-tab-name-ellipsis
(if (char-displayable-p ?) "…" "..."))
(defvar tab-line-tab-name-function #'tab-line-tab-name
"Function to get a tab name.
......@@ -218,7 +245,12 @@ variable `tab-line-tabs-function'."
(apply 'propertize (concat (propertize
(funcall tab-line-tab-name-function tab tabs)
'keymap tab-line-tab-map)
(or (and tab-line-close-button-show
(not (eq tab-line-close-button-show
(if (eq tab selected-buffer)
tab-line-close-button) ""))
tab ,tab
face ,(if (eq tab selected-buffer)
......@@ -226,15 +258,19 @@ variable `tab-line-tabs-function'."
mouse-face tab-line-highlight))))
(list (concat separator tab-line-button-new)))))
(list (concat separator (when tab-line-new-tab-choice
(defun tab-line-add-tab (&optional e)
(defun tab-line-new-tab (&optional e)
"Add a new tab."
(interactive "e")
(if window-system ; (display-popup-menus-p)
(mouse-buffer-menu e) ; like (buffer-menu-open)
;; tty menu doesn't support mouse clicks, so use tmm
(tmm-prompt (mouse-buffer-menu-keymap))))
(if (functionp tab-line-new-tab-choice)
(funcall tab-line-new-tab-choice)
(if window-system ; (display-popup-menus-p)
(mouse-buffer-menu e) ; like (buffer-menu-open)
;; tty menu doesn't support mouse clicks, so use tmm
(tmm-prompt (mouse-buffer-menu-keymap)))))
(defun tab-line-select-tab (&optional e)
"Switch to the selected tab.
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