Commit e47fe93b authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(describe-char): Check font-object by fontp.

parent 8da43785
2009-02-04 Kenichi Handa <>
* descr-text.el (describe-char): Check font-object by fontp.
* composite.el (compose-gstring-for-terminal): If a character is
not supported by the current terminal, don't make a multi-glyph
grapheme cluster.
(auto-compose-chars): Check font-object by fontp.
2009-02-03 Glenn Morris <>
* mail/unrmail.el (unrmail): In the absence of Mail-from, prefer Date
......@@ -630,7 +630,7 @@ as well as widgets, buttons, overlays, and text properties."
(nglyphs (lgstring-glyph-len gstring))
(i 0)
(if font
(if (fontp font)
(insert " using this font:\n "
(symbol-name (font-get font :type))
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