Commit e4a7fe73 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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2007-10-20 Sean O'Rourke <>
2007-10-22 Sean O'Rourke <>
* complete.el (PC-expand-many-files): Remove.
(PC-do-completion): Call file-expand-wildcards instead of
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
(f90-mode-abbrev-table): Add `enumerator', `protected', and `volatile'.
(f90-mode): Doc fix.
(f90-looking-at-select-case): Doc fix. Add `select type'.
(f90-looking-at-associate): New function,
(f90-looking-at-associate): New function.
(f90-looking-at-type-like): Avoid `type is' and `type (sometype)'.
Add `enum' and `abstract interface'.
(f90-no-block-limit): Add `select type' and `abstract interface'.
......@@ -6659,7 +6659,7 @@
(vc-bzr-dir-state): Replace its use with vc-bzr-command.
(vc-bzr-buffer-nonblank-p): New function.
(vc-bzr-state-words): New const.
(vc-bzr-state): Look for `bzr status` keywords in output.
(vc-bzr-state): Look for `bzr status' keywords in output.
Display everything else as a warning message to the user.
Fix status report with bzr >= 0.15.
......@@ -6887,7 +6887,7 @@
* progmodes/sh-script.el: Remove unneeded * from docstrings.
Use [:alpha:] and [:alnum:] where applicable.
(sh-quoted-subshell): Rewrite to correctly
handle nested mixes of `...` and $(...).
handle nested mixes of `...' and $(...).
(sh-apply-quoted-subshell): Remove.
(sh-font-lock-syntactic-keywords): Adjust call to sh-quoted-subshell.
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