Commit e4b6f8e3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(describe_map_tree): Add the maps we have already

handled into SUB_SHADOWS.
parent a249d3a0
......@@ -2386,7 +2386,7 @@ describe_map_tree (startmap, partial, shadow, prefix, title, nomenu, transl,
int transl;
int always_title;
Lisp_Object maps, seen, sub_shadows;
Lisp_Object maps, orig_maps, seen, sub_shadows;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2, gcpro3;
int something = 0;
char *key_heading
......@@ -2394,7 +2394,7 @@ describe_map_tree (startmap, partial, shadow, prefix, title, nomenu, transl,
key binding\n\
--- -------\n";
maps = Faccessible_keymaps (startmap, prefix);
orig_maps = maps = Faccessible_keymaps (startmap, prefix);
seen = Qnil;
sub_shadows = Qnil;
GCPRO3 (maps, seen, sub_shadows);
......@@ -2475,7 +2475,16 @@ key binding\n\
sub_shadows = Fcons (shmap, sub_shadows);
describe_map (Fcdr (elt), Fcar (elt),
/* Maps we have already listed in this loop shadow this map. */
for (tail = orig_maps; ! EQ (tail, maps); tail = XCDR (tail))
Lisp_Object tem;
tem = Fequal (Fcar (XCAR (tail)), prefix);
if (! NILP (tem))
sub_shadows = Fcons (XCDR (XCAR (tail)), sub_shadows);
describe_map (Fcdr (elt), prefix,
transl ? describe_translation : describe_command,
partial, sub_shadows, &seen, nomenu);
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