Commit e4cde426 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Disable extra display of 
 in nxml-mode (Bug#32897)

* lisp/nxml/nxml-mode.el (nxml-char-ref-display-extra): Don't put
display for the newline, it makes the indentation look wrong.
parent ca14dd1d
......@@ -2378,7 +2378,9 @@ With a prefix argument, inserts the character directly."
(put 'nxml-char-ref 'evaporate t)
(defun nxml-char-ref-display-extra (start end n)
(when nxml-char-ref-extra-display
(when (and ;; Displaying literal newline is unhelpful.
(not (eql n ?\n))
(let ((name (or (get-char-code-property n 'name)
(get-char-code-property n 'old-name)))
(glyph-string (and nxml-char-ref-display-glyph-flag
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