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2007-03-01 Kim F. Storm <>
* NEWS (About external Lisp packages): New section.
2007-02-28 Thien-Thi Nguyen <>
* Fix typo.
......@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@ older packages.
Some specific packages which are known to cause problems are:
** CEDET (upgrade to lastest version)
** cua.el, cua-mode.el (remove old versions)
** Semantic (used by CEDET, ECB, JDEE): upgrade to lastest version.
** cua.el, cua-mode.el: remove old versions.
* Installation Changes in Emacs 22.1
......@@ -3857,7 +3857,7 @@ OPERATION is `insert-file-contents', and thus a function registered in
** The variables post-command-idle-hook and post-command-idle-delay have
been removed. Use run-with-idle-timer instead.
been removed. Use run-with-idle-timer instead.
** `suppress-keymap' now works by remapping `self-insert-command' to
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