Commit e503e9d3 authored by Alex Gramiak's avatar Alex Gramiak Committed by Eli Zaretskii
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Set up defined_color_hook for the initial frame

* src/terminal.c (init_initial_terminal): Set up the
defined_color_hook.  This avoids crashes when running
in batch mode with code that manipulates colors.
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......@@ -622,6 +622,7 @@ init_initial_terminal (void)
initial_terminal->kboard = initial_kboard;
initial_terminal->delete_terminal_hook = &delete_initial_terminal;
initial_terminal->delete_frame_hook = &initial_free_frame_resources;
initial_terminal->defined_color_hook = &tty_defined_color; /* xfaces.c */
/* Other hooks are NULL by default. */
return initial_terminal;
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