Commit e51fe00a authored by David Reitter's avatar David Reitter
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set-face-attributes-from-resources, face-set-after-frame-default:

Do not import X resources on NS because NS does not have system-wide X resources.
parent 4b7a7901
......@@ -338,7 +338,7 @@ specifies an invalid attribute."
(defun set-face-attributes-from-resources (face frame)
"Set attributes of FACE from X resources for FRAME."
(when (memq (framep frame) '(x w32 ns))
(when (memq (framep frame) '(x w32))
(dolist (definition face-x-resources)
(let ((attribute (car definition)))
(dolist (entry (cdr definition))
......@@ -2020,7 +2020,7 @@ frame parameters in PARAMETERS and `default-frame-alist'."
;; X resouces for the default face are applied during
;; x-create-frame.
(and (not (eq face 'default))
(memq (window-system frame) '(x w32 ns))
(memq (window-system frame) '(x w32))
(make-face-x-resource-internal face frame))
;; Apply attributes specified by face-new-frame-defaults
(internal-merge-in-global-face face frame))
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