Commit e54d3b5d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Finsert_file_contents) [MSDOS]: Ignore the replace feature.

(Fdo_auto_save): Write a list of all auto save file names.
(Vauto_save_list_file_name): Specify file name to put them in.
(syms_of_fileio): Set up Lisp var.
parent 097c2824
......@@ -121,6 +121,9 @@ Lisp_Object Vafter_insert_file_functions;
/* Functions to be called to create text property annotations for file. */
Lisp_Object Vwrite_region_annotate_functions;
/* File name in which we write a list of all our auto save files. */
Lisp_Object Vauto_save_list_file_name;
/* Nonzero means, when reading a filename in the minibuffer,
start out by inserting the default directory into the minibuffer. */
int insert_default_directory;
......@@ -2645,6 +2648,17 @@ and (2) it puts less data in the undo list.")
with the file contents. Avoid replacing text at the
beginning or end of the buffer that matches the file contents;
that preserves markers pointing to the unchanged parts. */
#ifdef MSDOS
/* On MSDOS, replace mode doesn't really work, except for binary files,
and it's not worth supporting just for them. */
if (!NILP (replace))
replace = Qnil;
XFASTINT (beg) = 0;
XFASTINT (end) = st.st_size;
del_range_1 (BEGV, ZV, 0);
#else /* MSDOS */
if (!NILP (replace))
char buffer[1 << 14];
......@@ -2737,6 +2751,7 @@ and (2) it puts less data in the undo list.")
/* Insert from the file at the proper position. */
SET_PT (same_at_start);
#endif /* MSDOS */
total = XINT (end) - XINT (beg);
......@@ -3457,6 +3472,15 @@ auto_save_1 ()
Qnil, Qlambda);
static Lisp_Object
do_auto_save_unwind (stream) /* used as unwind-protect function */
Lisp_Object stream;
close (*(int *)XPNTR (stream));
xfree (XPNTR (stream));
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("do-auto-save", Fdo_auto_save, Sdo_auto_save, 0, 2, "",
"Auto-save all buffers that need it.\n\
This is all buffers that have auto-saving enabled\n\
......@@ -3478,6 +3502,10 @@ Non-nil second argument means save only current buffer.")
extern int minibuf_level;
int do_handled_files;
Lisp_Object oquit;
int listdesc;
Lisp_Object lispstream;
int count = specpdl_ptr - specpdl;
int *ptr;
/* Ordinarily don't quit within this function,
but don't make it impossible to quit (in case we get hung in I/O). */
......@@ -3494,6 +3522,28 @@ Non-nil second argument means save only current buffer.")
if (!NILP (Vrun_hooks))
call1 (Vrun_hooks, intern ("auto-save-hook"));
if (STRINGP (Vauto_save_list_file_name))
#ifdef MSDOS
listdesc = open (XSTRING (Vauto_save_list_file_name)->data,
#else /* not MSDOS */
listdesc = creat (XSTRING (Vauto_save_list_file_name)->data, 0666);
#endif /* not MSDOS */
listdesc = -1;
/* We may not be able to store STREAM itself as a Lisp_Object pointer
since that is guaranteed to work only for data that has been malloc'd.
So malloc a full-size pointer, and record the address of that pointer. */
ptr = (int *) xmalloc (sizeof (int));
*ptr = listdesc;
XSET (lispstream, Lisp_Internal_Stream, (int) ptr);
record_unwind_protect (do_auto_save_unwind, lispstream);
/* First, save all files which don't have handlers. If Emacs is
crashing, the handlers may tweak what is causing Emacs to crash
in the first place, and it would be a shame if Emacs failed to
......@@ -3505,11 +3555,21 @@ Non-nil second argument means save only current buffer.")
buf = XCONS (XCONS (tail)->car)->cdr;
b = XBUFFER (buf);
/* Record all the buffers that have auto save mode
in the special file that lists them. */
if (XTYPE (b->auto_save_file_name) == Lisp_String
&& listdesc >= 0 && do_handled_files == 0)
write (listdesc, XSTRING (b->auto_save_file_name)->data,
XSTRING (b->auto_save_file_name)->size);
write (listdesc, "\n", 1);
if (!NILP (current_only)
&& b != current_buffer)
/* Check for auto save enabled
and file changed since last auto save
and file changed since last real save. */
......@@ -3581,6 +3641,7 @@ Non-nil second argument means save only current buffer.")
Vquit_flag = oquit;
auto_saving = 0;
unbind_to (count, Qnil);
return Qnil;
......@@ -4007,6 +4068,10 @@ This applies only to the operation `inhibit-file-name-operation'.");
"The operation for which `inhibit-file-name-handlers' is applicable.");
Vinhibit_file_name_operation = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("auto-save-list-file-name", &Vauto_save_list_file_name,
"File name in which we write a list of all auto save file names.");
Vauto_save_list_file_name = Qnil;
defsubr (&Sfind_file_name_handler);
defsubr (&Sfile_name_directory);
defsubr (&Sfile_name_nondirectory);
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