Commit e5780ae1 authored by Lars Hansen's avatar Lars Hansen

(desktop-buffer-mode-handlers): New variabel. Alist

of major mode specific functions to restore a desktop buffer.
(desktop-buffer-handlers): Make variabel obsolete.
(desktop-create-buffer): Use desktop-buffer-mode-handlers. Catch
errors signaled in handlers. Update buffer count. Evaluate
(desktop-buffer-dired): Rename to dired-restore-desktop-buffer and
move to dired.el.
(desktop-buffer-info): Rename to Info-restore-desktop-buffer and
move to info.el.
(desktop-buffer-rmail): Rename to rmail-restore-desktop-buffer and
move to mail/rmail.el.
(desktop-buffer-mh): Rename to mh-restore-desktop-buffer and move
to mh-e/mh-e.el.
(desktop-buffer-file): Rename to desktop-restore-file-buffer. An
fail, print message (to message buffer) even if
desktop-missing-file-warning is nil.
(desktop-buffer-misc-data-function): New buffer local
variable. Function returning major mode specific data.
(desktop-buffer-misc-functions): Make variable obsolete.
(desktop-save): Use desktop-buffer-misc-data-function.
(desktop-buffer-dired-misc-data): Rename to
dired-desktop-buffer-misc-data and move to dired.el.
(desktop-buffer-info-misc-data): Rename to
Info-desktop-buffer-misc-data and move to info.el.
(desktop-read): Add message about number of buffers
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