Commit e59b8655 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(math-read-expr): Use declared variables math-exp-pos,

math-exp-old-pos, math-exp-str, math-exp-token,
parent 3cedbf72
......@@ -2887,22 +2887,22 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(defvar math-expr-data)
(defun math-read-expr (exp-str)
(let ((exp-pos 0)
(exp-old-pos 0)
(exp-keep-spaces nil)
exp-token math-expr-data)
(while (setq exp-token (string-match "\\.\\.\\([^.]\\|.[^.]\\)" exp-str))
(setq exp-str (concat (substring exp-str 0 exp-token) "\\dots"
(substring exp-str (+ exp-token 2)))))
(defun math-read-expr (math-exp-str)
(let ((math-exp-pos 0)
(math-exp-old-pos 0)
(math-exp-keep-spaces nil)
math-exp-token math-expr-data)
(while (setq math-exp-token (string-match "\\.\\.\\([^.]\\|.[^.]\\)" math-exp-str))
(setq math-exp-str (concat (substring math-exp-str 0 math-exp-token) "\\dots"
(substring math-exp-str (+ math-exp-token 2)))))
(let ((val (catch 'syntax (math-read-expr-level 0))))
(if (stringp val)
(list 'error exp-old-pos val)
(if (equal exp-token 'end)
(list 'error math-exp-old-pos val)
(if (equal math-exp-token 'end)
(list 'error exp-old-pos "Syntax error"))))))
(list 'error math-exp-old-pos "Syntax error"))))))
(defun math-read-plain-expr (exp-str &optional error-check)
(let* ((calc-language nil)
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