Commit e5a10c81 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Don't add menu bar to minibuffer-only frames.

parent 99e2d9a9
......@@ -194,9 +194,11 @@ and selects that window."
;;; (or (buffer-file-name) ""))))))
;; Give all existing frames a menu bar.
;; (Except for minibuffer-only frames.)
(let ((frames (frame-list)))
(while frames
(modify-frame-parameters (car frames) '((menu-bar-lines . 1)))
(or (eq 'only (cdr (assq 'minibuffer (frame-parameters (car frames)))))
(modify-frame-parameters (car frames) '((menu-bar-lines . 1))))
(setq frames (cdr frames))))
;; Make frames created from now on have a menu bar.
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