Commit e5aca010 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(top-level): Move (provide 'cua-base) to end.

No longer provide 'cua.  Don't require cua-rect, cua-gmrk when compiling.
(cua-set-rectangle-mark): Add doc string to autoload.
(cua--rectangle, cua--last-killed-rectangle)
(cua--global-mark-active): Always define for compiler.
(cua-copy-rectangle, cua-cut-rectangle, cua--rectangle-left)
(cua--delete-rectangle, cua--insert-rectangle)
(cua--rectangle-corner, cua--rectangle-assert)
(cua--insert-at-global-mark, cua--global-mark-post-command):
Declare as functions.
parent 2c0f8564
......@@ -583,35 +583,37 @@ a cons (TYPE . COLOR), then both properties are affected."
;;; Rectangle support is in cua-rect.el
(autoload 'cua-set-rectangle-mark "cua-rect" nil t nil)
(autoload 'cua-set-rectangle-mark "cua-rect"
"Start rectangle at mouse click position." t nil)
;; Stub definitions until it is loaded
(when (not (featurep 'cua-rect))
(defvar cua--rectangle)
(setq cua--rectangle nil)
(defvar cua--last-killed-rectangle)
(setq cua--last-killed-rectangle nil))
(defvar cua--rectangle)
(defvar cua--last-killed-rectangle)
(unless (featurep 'cua-rect)
(setq cua--rectangle nil
cua--last-killed-rectangle nil))
;; All behind cua--rectangle tests.
(declare-function cua-copy-rectangle "cua-rect" (arg))
(declare-function cua-cut-rectangle "cua-rect" (arg))
(declare-function cua--rectangle-left "cua-rect" (&optional val))
(declare-function cua--delete-rectangle "cua-rect" ())
(declare-function cua--insert-rectangle "cua-rect"
(rect &optional below paste-column line-count))
(declare-function cua--rectangle-corner "cua-rect" (&optional advance))
(declare-function cua--rectangle-assert "cua-rect" ())
;;; Global Mark support is in cua-gmrk.el
(autoload 'cua-toggle-global-mark "cua-gmrk" nil t nil)
;; Stub definitions until cua-gmrk.el is loaded
(when (not (featurep 'cua-gmrk))
(defvar cua--global-mark-active)
(defvar cua--global-mark-active)
(unless (featurep 'cua-gmrk)
(setq cua--global-mark-active nil))
(provide 'cua-base)
(require 'cua-rect)
(require 'cua-gmrk)
(declare-function cua--insert-at-global-mark "cua-gmrk" (str &optional msg))
(declare-function cua--global-mark-post-command "cua-gmrk" ())
;;; Low-level Interface
......@@ -920,6 +922,7 @@ If global mark is active, copy from register or one character."
;; This being a cons implies cua-rect is loaded?
((consp regtxt) (cua--insert-rectangle regtxt))
((stringp regtxt) (insert-for-yank regtxt))
(t (message "Unknown data in register %c" cua--register))))
......@@ -1606,7 +1609,7 @@ shifted movement key, set `cua-highlight-region-shift-only'."
(setq cua--debug (not cua--debug)))
(provide 'cua)
(provide 'cua-base)
;;; arch-tag: 21fb6289-ba25-4fee-bfdc-f9fb351acf05
;;; cua-base.el ends here
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