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2000-07-06 Gerd Moellmann <>
* lpr.el (lpr-page-header-switches): Add `-h' switch.
(print-region-1): Don't hard code `-h' here.
* (TAGS-LISP): Don't use `$(lispsource)'.
2000-07-01 Francesco Potorti` <>
* rmail.el (mail-unsent-separator): Changed "the" to "\\w+", as
exim can use "your message" instead of "the message".
2000-07-05 Michael Kifer <>
* ediff-diff.el (ediff-wordify): Use syntax table.
2000-07-06 Gerd Moellmann <>
* window.c (window_loop): Add missing gcpro1 local variable.
* window.c (Fwindow_list): Reverse list at the end.
(candidate_window_p): Add parameter OWINDOW. ALL_FRAMES nil
means allow windows on OWINDOW's frame, only.
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