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2000-05-14 Dave Love <>
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-show-message-hook): Customize and offer
goto-addr as an option.
* help.el (help-xref-stack): Doc fix.
(help-xref-following): New variable.
(help-make-xrefs): Use it.
(help-xref-go-back): Use position information from stack element.
(help-follow): Make position in stack element a pair. Use
* autoarg.el: New file.
* faces.el: Declare more functions obsolete.
* viet-util.el, thai-util.el, tibet-util.el.elc, slovak.el
* misc-lang.el, romanian.el, korea-util.el.elc, lao-util.el
* japan-util.el, greek.el, hebrew.el, european.el, ethio-util.el
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