Commit e605af88 authored by Jan D's avatar Jan D
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* xlwmenu.c (remap_menubar): Re-realize menu to force move under Gnome 3.

parent 1a50945f
2015-02-28 Jan Djärv <>
* xlwmenu.c (remap_menubar): Re-realize menu to force move under
Gnome 3.
2015-01-04 Paul Eggert <>
Less 'make' chatter for lwlib
......@@ -1510,17 +1510,21 @@ remap_menubar (XlwMenuWidget mw)
if (mw->menu.horizontal && i == 1)
ws->y += mw->menu.margin;
/* WMs like Gnome 3 ignores requests to move windows. So we
must destroy the current one and create a new to get it to move. */
XtUnrealizeWidget (ws->w);
XtRealizeWidget (ws->w);
ws->window = XtWindow (ws->w);
size_menu (mw, i);
fit_to_screen (mw, ws, previous_ws, mw->menu.horizontal && i == 1);
create_pixmap_for_menu (ws, mw);
XtMoveWidget (ws->w, ws->x, ws->y);
XtPopup (ws->w, XtGrabNone);
XtResizeWidget (ws->w, ws->width, ws->height,
XtResizeWindow (ws->w);
XtConfigureWidget (ws->w, ws->x, ws->y, ws->width, ws->height,
display_menu (mw, i, False, &selection_position, NULL, NULL);
XtPopup (ws->w, XtGrabNone);
/* unmap the menus that popped down */
......@@ -2615,6 +2619,7 @@ pop_up_menu (XlwMenuWidget mw, XButtonPressedEvent *event)
mw->menu.popped_up = True;
if (XtIsShell (XtParent ((Widget)mw)))
fprintf(stderr, "Config %d %d\n", x, y);
XtConfigureWidget (XtParent ((Widget)mw), x, y, w, h,
XtParent ((Widget)mw)->core.border_width);
XtPopup (XtParent ((Widget)mw), XtGrabExclusive);
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