Commit e60c4e15 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(Finvisible_p): New function.

(syms_of_xdisp): defsubr it.
parent 3a44b2ae
2007-08-25 Stefan Monnier <>
* xdisp.c (Finvisible_p): New function.
(syms_of_xdisp): defsubr it.
2007-08-24 Juanma Barranquero <>
* image.c (syms_of_image) <image-library-alist, cross-disabled-images>:
......@@ -18435,6 +18435,27 @@ invisible_p (propval, list)
return 0;
DEFUN ("invisible-p", Finvisible_p, Sinvisible_p, 1, 1, 0,
doc: /* Non-nil if the property makes the text invisible.
POS-OR-PROP can be a marker or number, in which case it is taken to be
a position in the current buffer and the value of the `invisible' property
is checked; or it can be some other value, which is then presumed to be the
value of the `invisible' property of the text of interest.
The non-nil value returned can be t for truly invisible text or something
else if the text is replaced by an ellipsis. */)
Lisp_Object pos_or_prop;
Lisp_Object prop =
(NATNUMP (pos_or_prop) || MARKERP (pos_or_prop))
? Fget_char_property (pos_or_prop, Qinvisible, Qnil)
: pos_or_prop;
int invis = TEXT_PROP_MEANS_INVISIBLE (prop);
return (invis == 0 ? Qnil
: invis == 1 ? Qt
: make_number (invis));
/* Calculate a width or height in pixels from a specification using
the following elements:
......@@ -23806,6 +23827,7 @@ syms_of_xdisp ()
defsubr (&Slookup_image_map);
defsubr (&Sformat_mode_line);
defsubr (&Sinvisible_p);
staticpro (&Qmenu_bar_update_hook);
Qmenu_bar_update_hook = intern ("menu-bar-update-hook");
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