Commit e62ad049 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Fix sgml-mode handling of quotes within parens (Bug#36347)

* lisp/textmodes/sgml-mode.el (sgml-syntax-propertize): Use
syntax-ppss-table if set.  This is only needed on the release branch,
on master the caller (syntax-propertize) already does this.
(sgml-mode): Set syntax-ppss-table to sgml-tag-syntax-table.  This
correctly classifies parens as punctuation, so they won't confuse the
* test/lisp/textmodes/sgml-mode-tests.el (sgml-tests--quotes-syntax):
New test copied from master, with two cases added for this bug.
parent 06b35b2f
......@@ -357,10 +357,11 @@ Any terminating `>' or `/' is not matched.")
(defun sgml-syntax-propertize (start end)
"Syntactic keywords for `sgml-mode'."
(goto-char start)
(sgml-syntax-propertize-inside end)
(syntax-propertize-rules sgml-syntax-propertize-rules)
start end))
(with-syntax-table (or syntax-ppss-table (syntax-table))
(sgml-syntax-propertize-inside end)
(syntax-propertize-rules sgml-syntax-propertize-rules)
start end)))
(defun sgml-syntax-propertize-inside (end)
(let ((ppss (syntax-ppss)))
......@@ -568,6 +569,7 @@ Do \\[describe-key] on the following bindings to discover what they do.
nil t))
(setq-local syntax-propertize-function #'sgml-syntax-propertize)
(setq-local syntax-ppss-table sgml-tag-syntax-table)
(setq-local facemenu-add-face-function 'sgml-mode-facemenu-add-face-function)
(setq-local sgml-xml-mode (sgml-xml-guess))
(unless sgml-xml-mode
......@@ -130,5 +130,27 @@ The point is set to the beginning of the buffer."
(sgml-delete-tag 1)
(should (string= "Winter is comin'" (buffer-string)))))
(ert-deftest sgml-tests--quotes-syntax ()
(dolist (str '("a\"b <t>c'd</t>"
"a'b <t>c\"d</t>"
"a\"b <tag>c'd</tag>"
;;"<tag>c>'d</tag>" Fixed in master.
"<t><!-- \" --></t>"
"<t><!-- ' --></t>"
(insert str)
(ert-info ((format "%S" str) :prefix "Test case: ")
;; Check that last tag is parsed as a tag.
(should (= 1 (car (syntax-ppss (1- (point-max))))))
(should (= 0 (car (syntax-ppss (point-max)))))))))
(provide 'sgml-mode-tests)
;;; sgml-mode-tests.el ends here
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