Commit e63574d7 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(redisplay_window): Clear force_start field

before running the Qwindow_scroll_functions.
In the recenter case, set w->start before running them.
parent 76d5492b
......@@ -1502,11 +1502,16 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one)
unless the specified location is outside the accessible range. */
if (!NILP (w->force_start))
w->force_start = Qnil;
/* Forget any recorded base line for line number display. */
w->base_line_number = Qnil;
/* Redisplay the mode line. Select the buffer properly for that.
Also, run the hook window-scroll-functions
because we have scrolled. */
/* Note, we do this after clearing force_start because
if there's an error, it is better to forget about force_start
than to get into an infinite loop calling the hook functions
and having them get more errors. */
if (!update_mode_line
|| ! NILP (Vwindow_scroll_functions))
......@@ -1520,7 +1525,6 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one)
run_hook_with_args_2 (Qwindow_scroll_functions, window,
make_number (startp));
w->force_start = Qnil;
XSETFASTINT (w->last_modified, 0);
if (startp < BEGV) startp = BEGV;
if (startp > ZV) startp = ZV;
......@@ -1718,6 +1722,9 @@ redisplay_window (window, just_this_one)
w->base_line_number = Qnil;
pos = *vmotion (PT, - (height / 2), w);
/* Set startp here explicitly in case that helps avoid an infinite loop
in case the window-scroll-functions functions get errors. */
Fset_marker (w->start, make_number (pos), Qnil);
if (! NILP (Vwindow_scroll_functions))
run_hook_with_args_2 (Qwindow_scroll_functions, window,
make_number (pos.bufpos));
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