Commit e63e9234 authored by Ed Reingold's avatar Ed Reingold Committed by Glenn Morris
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cal-hebrew addition from bug#8190.

* lisp/calendar/cal-hebrew.el (diary-hebrew-yahrzeit):
Add optional `after-sunset' argument.
parent 5b3e6db8
2011-03-07 Ed Reingold <>
* calendar/cal-hebrew.el (diary-hebrew-yahrzeit):
Add optional `after-sunset' argument. (Bug#8190)
2011-03-07 Aaron S. Hawley <>
* play/morse.el (nato-alphabet, nato-region, denato-region):
......@@ -879,21 +879,27 @@ use when highlighting the day in the calendar."
(declare-function diary-ordinal-suffix "diary-lib" (n))
(defun diary-hebrew-yahrzeit (death-month death-day death-year &optional mark)
(defun diary-hebrew-yahrzeit (death-month death-day death-year
&optional mark after-sunset)
"Yahrzeit diary entry--entry applies if date is Yahrzeit or the day before.
Parameters are DEATH-MONTH, DEATH-DAY, DEATH-YEAR; the diary
entry is assumed to be the name of the person. Although the date
of death is specified by the civil calendar, the proper Hebrew
calendar Yahrzeit is determined.
If the death occurred after local sunset on the given civil date,
the following civil date corresponds to the Hebrew date of
death--set the optional parameter AFTER-SUNSET non-nil in this case.
The order of the input parameters changes according to `calendar-date-style'
\(e.g. to DEATH-DAY, DEATH-MONTH, DEATH-YEAR in the European style).
An optional parameter MARK specifies a face or single-character string to
use when highlighting the day in the calendar."
(let* ((h-date (calendar-hebrew-from-absolute
(diary-make-date death-month death-day death-year))))
(+ (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian
(diary-make-date death-month death-day death-year))
(if after-sunset 1 0))))
(h-month (calendar-extract-month h-date))
(h-day (calendar-extract-day h-date))
(h-year (calendar-extract-year h-date))
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