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2006-06-18 Michael Kifer <>

	some typo fixes
parent ec6aebe8
......@@ -1614,6 +1614,9 @@ The variable @code{ediff-ignore-case} controls whether Ediff starts out by
ignoring letter case or not. It can be set in @file{.emacs} using
When case sensitivity is toggled, all difference
regions are recomputed.
@node Highlighting Difference Regions, Narrowing, Selective Browsing, Customization
@section Highlighting Difference Regions
......@@ -2316,6 +2319,14 @@ prior to starting Ediff, so Ediff just preserves status quo here.
Using @code{ediff-cleanup-hook}, one can make Ediff delete the variants
unconditionally (e.g., by making @code{ediff-janitor} into one of these hooks).
@item ediff-keep-tmp-versions
@vindex @code{ediff-keep-tmp-versions}
Default is @code{nil}. If @code{t}, the versions of the files being
compared or merged using operations such as @code{ediff-revision} or
@code{ediff-merge-revisions} are not deleted on exit. The normal action is
to clean up and delete these version files.
@item ediff-grab-mouse
@vindex @code{ediff-grab-mouse}
Default is @code{t}. Normally, Ediff grabs mouse and puts it in its
......@@ -2457,6 +2468,7 @@ Karl Heuer (,
David Karr (,
Norbert Kiesel (,
Steffen Kilb (,
Leigh L Klotz (,
Fritz Knabe (,
Heinz Knutzen (,
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