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......@@ -675,6 +675,58 @@ Reverse search. Everything that applies to C-s applies to C-r except
that the direction of the search is reversed.
One of the nice features of Emacs is that you can display more than one
window on the screen at the same time.
>> Move the cursor to this line and type C-u 0 C-l.
>> Now type C-x 2 which splits the screen into two windows.
Both windows display this tutorial. The cursor stays in the top window.
>> Type C-M-v to scroll the bottom window.
>> Type C-x o ("o" for "other") to move the cursor to the bottom window.
>> Use C-v and M-v in the bottom window to scroll it.
Keep reading these directions in the top window.
>> Type C-x o again to move the cursor back to the top window.
The cursor is still just where it was in the top window before.
You can keep using C-x o to switch between the windows. Each
window has its own cursor position, but only one window actually
shows the cursor. All the ordinary editing commands apply to the
window that the cursor is in.
The command C-M-v is very useful when you are editing text in one
window and using the other window just for reference. You can keep
the cursor always in the window where you are editing, and edit
there as you advance through the other window.
>> Type C-x 1 (in the top window) to get rid of the bottom window.
(If you had typed C-x 1 in the bottom window, that would get rid
of the top one. Think of this command as "Keep just one
window--the window I am already in.")
You don't have to display the same buffer in both windows. If
you use C-x C-f to find a file in one window, the other window
doesn't change. You can pick a file in each window
Here is another way to use two windows to display two different
>> Type C-x 4 C-f followed by the name of one of your files.
End with <RETURN>. See the specified file appear in the bottom
window. The cursor goes there, too.
>> Type C-x o to go back to the top window, and C-x 1 to delete
the bottom window.
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