Commit e678b91b authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(calendar-holidays): Doc fix.

parent 4a7d75e8
......@@ -1192,11 +1192,15 @@ of `general-holidays', `local-holidays' `christian-holidays',
`oriental-holidays', or `solar-holidays' to nil in your .emacs file,
you can eliminate unwanted categories of holidays.
Note that these variables are only used to initialize the default
value of `calendar-holidays'. In other words, they only have an
effect on the displayed holidays if set before the calendar is
loaded. After the calendar has been loaded, you must customize
`calendar-holidays' directly.
The aforementioned variables control the holiday choices offered
by the function `list-holidays' when it is called interactively.
They are also used to initialize the default value of
`calendar-holidays', which is the default list of holidays used
by the function `list-holidays' in the non-interactive case.
Note that these variables have no effect on `calendar-holidays'
after it has been set (e.g. after the calendar is loaded). In
that case, customize `calendar-holidays' directly.
The intention is that (in the US) `local-holidays' be set in
site-init.el and `other-holidays' be set by the user.
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