Commit e690ca94 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Qlocal, QCname, QCbuffer, QChost, QCservice, QCfamily)

(QClocal, QCremote, QCserver, QCdatagram, QCnowait, QCnoquery,QCstop)
(QCcoding, QCoptions, QCfilter, QCsentinel, QClog, QCfeature):
New variables.
(NETCONN1_P): New macro.
(DATAGRAM_SOCKETS): New conditional symbol.
(datagram_address): New array.
(status_message): Use concat3.
(Fprocess_status): Add `listen' status to doc string.  Return `stop'
for a stopped network process.
(Fset_process_buffer): Update contact plist for network process.
(Fset_process_filter): Ditto.  Don't enable input for stopped
network processes.  Server must listen, even if filter is t.
(Fset_process_query_on_exit_flag, Fprocess_query_on_exit_flag):
New functions.
(Fprocess_kill_without_query): Removed.  Now defined in simple.el.
(Fprocess_contact): Added KEY argument.  Handle datagrams.
(list_processes_1): Optionally show only processes with the query
on exit flag set.  Dynamically adjust column widths.  Omit tty
column if not needed.  Report stopped network processes.
Identify server and datagram network processes.
(Flist_processes): New optional arg `query-only'.
(conv_sockaddr_to_lisp, get_lisp_to_sockaddr_size)
(conv_lisp_to_sockaddr, set_socket_options)
(network_process_featurep, unwind_request_sigio): New helper functions.
(Fprocess_datagram_address, Fset_process_datagram_address):
(Fset_network_process_options): New lisp functions.
(Fopen_network_stream): Removed.  Now defined in simple.el.
(Fmake_network_process): New lisp function.  Code is based on previous
Fopen_network_stream, but heavily reworked with new property list based
argument list, support for datagrams, server processes, and local
sockets in addition to old client-only functionality.
(server_accept_connection): New function.
(wait_reading_process_input): Use it to handle incoming connects.
Do not enable input on a new connection if process is stopped.
(read_process_output): Handle datagram sockets. Use 2k buffer for them.
(send_process): Handle datagram sockets.
(Fstop_process, Fcontinue_process): Apply to network processes.  A stopped
network process is indicated by setting command field to t .
(Fprocess_send_eof): No-op if datagram connection.
(Fstatus_notify): Don't read input for a stream server socket or a
stopped network process.
(init_process): Initialize datagram_address array.
(syms_of_process): Intern and staticpro new variables, defsubr new
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