Commit e6a38195 authored by Anders Lindgren's avatar Anders Lindgren

Update HISTORY section in readme for the NextStep interface.

* nextstep/README: Update HISTORY after suggestion
from former maintainer Adrian Robert.
parent f67f1edd
......@@ -8,10 +8,15 @@ NextStep (NS), including OS X (Mac) and GNUstep, using the Cocoa API.
Up to Emacs 22, the OS X interface was implemented using the C-based
Carbon API. Starting with Emacs 23, the interface was rewritten in
Objective-C using the Cocoa API. Meanwhile, the Carbon interface has
been maintained independently under the name "mac".
The Nextstep (NS) interface of GNU Emacs was originally written in
1994 for NeXTSTEP systems running Emacs 19 and subsequently ported to
OpenStep and then Rhapsody, which became Mac OS X. In 2004 it was
adapted to GNUstep, a free OpenStep implementation, and in 2008 it was
merged to the GNU Emacs trunk and released with Emacs 23. Around the
same time a separate Mac-only port using the Carbon APIs and
descending from a 2001 MacOS 8/9 port of Emacs 21 was removed. (It
remains available externally under the name "mac".)
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