Commit e6aa7813 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(command_loop_1): Explicitly clear the echo area

with message2; don't just clear echo_area_glyphs.
Don't set no_direct in that case.
parent a387611b
......@@ -1116,8 +1116,10 @@ command_loop_1 ()
Fsit_for (make_number (2), Qnil, Qnil);
unbind_to (count, Qnil);
echo_area_glyphs = 0;
no_direct = 1;
/* Clear the echo area. */
message2 (0);
/* If a C-g came in before, treat it as input now. */
if (!NILP (Vquit_flag))
Vquit_flag = Qnil;
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