Commit e6b1818f authored by Mark Oteiza's avatar Mark Oteiza
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Backport: Fix issue where a new tempfile was created every refresh

* lisp/mpc.el (mpc-format): Leave dir as relative path
parent 3c407d29
......@@ -1026,12 +1026,11 @@ If PLAYLIST is t or nil or missing, use the main playlist."
(substring time (match-end 0))
(let ((dir (file-name-directory
(mpc-file-local-copy (cdr (assq 'file info))))))
(let ((dir (file-name-directory (cdr (assq 'file info)))))
;; (debug)
(push `(equal ',dir (file-name-directory (cdr (assq 'file info)))) pred)
(if-let ((covers '(".folder.png" "cover.jpg" "folder.jpg"))
(cover (cl-loop for file in (directory-files dir)
(cover (cl-loop for file in (directory-files (mpc-file-local-copy dir))
if (member (downcase file) covers)
return (concat dir file)))
(file (with-demoted-errors "MPC: %s"
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