Commit e6c82a8d authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fnumber_to_string, Fstring_to_number):

Handle long EMACS_INT in sprintf and atol.

(store_symval_forwarding): Error if value out of range for an integer variable.
(Fstring_to_number): Avoid using make_number to return value.  Maybe use atol.
parent f9fa352f
......@@ -737,6 +737,9 @@ store_symval_forwarding (sym, valcontents, newval)
case Lisp_Misc_Intfwd:
CHECK_NUMBER (newval, 1);
*XINTFWD (valcontents)->intvar = XINT (newval);
if (*XINTFWD (valcontents)->intvar != XINT (newval))
error ("Value out of range for variable `%s'",
XSYMBOL (sym)->name->data);
case Lisp_Misc_Boolfwd:
......@@ -1664,7 +1667,12 @@ NUM may be an integer or a floating point number.")
#endif /* LISP_FLOAT_TYPE */
sprintf (buffer, "%d", XINT (num));
if (sizeof (int) == sizeof (EMACS_INT))
sprintf (buffer, "%d", XINT (num));
else if (sizeof (long) == sizeof (EMACS_INT))
sprintf (buffer, "%ld", XINT (num));
abort ();
return build_string (buffer);
......@@ -1675,6 +1683,7 @@ It ignores leading spaces and tabs.")
register Lisp_Object str;
Lisp_Object value;
unsigned char *p;
CHECK_STRING (str, 0);
......@@ -1691,7 +1700,13 @@ It ignores leading spaces and tabs.")
return make_float (atof (p));
#endif /* LISP_FLOAT_TYPE */
return make_number (atoi (p));
if (sizeof (int) == sizeof (EMACS_INT))
XSETINT (value, atoi (p));
else if (sizeof (long) == sizeof (EMACS_INT))
XSETINT (value, atol (p));
abort ();
return value;
enum arithop
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