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* loading.texi (Library Search): Document list-load-path-shadows (Bug#7757).

parent b14f16ad
2011-01-23 Chong Yidong <>
Richard Kim <>
* loading.texi (Library Search): Document list-load-path-shadows
2011-01-23 Chong Yidong <>
* searching.texi (Regexp Special): Remove outdated discussion of
......@@ -363,6 +363,31 @@ interactively, the argument @var{interactive-call} is @code{t}, and this
tells @code{locate-library} to display the file name in the echo area.
@end deffn
@cindex shadowed Lisp files
@deffn Command list-load-path-shadows &optional stringp
This command shows a list of @dfn{shadowed} Emacs Lisp files. A
shadowed file is one that will not normally be loaded, despite being
in a directory on @code{load-path}, due to the existence of another
similarly-named file in a directory earlier on @code{load-path}.
For instance, suppose @code{load-path} is set to
("/opt/emacs/site-lisp" "/usr/share/emacs/23.3/lisp")
@end smallexample
and that both these directories contain a file named @file{foo.el}.
Then @code{(require 'foo)} never loads the file in the second
directory. Such a situation might indicate a problem in the way Emacs
was installed.
When called from Lisp, this function prints a message listing the
shadowed files, instead of displaying them in a buffer. If the
optional argument @code{stringp} is non-@code{nil}, it instead returns
the shadowed files as a string.
@end deffn
@node Loading Non-ASCII
@section Loading Non-@acronym{ASCII} Characters
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