Commit e6de5b3d authored by Thien-Thi Nguyen's avatar Thien-Thi Nguyen

Ensure pcase doc shows `QPAT first among extensions

* lisp/emacs-lisp/pcase.el (pcase--make-docstring):
Split extensions display into two phases, collection
and display, separated by a reordering step that
ensures backquote is the first.
parent 07f8f9bc
......@@ -199,15 +199,30 @@ Emacs Lisp manual for more information and examples."
(require 'help-fns)
(insert (or (cdr ud) main))
(lambda (symbol)
(let ((me (get symbol 'pcase-macroexpander)))
(when me
(insert "\n\n-- ")
(let* ((doc (documentation me 'raw)))
(setq doc (help-fns--signature symbol doc me
(indirect-function me) nil))
(insert "\n" (or doc "Not documented.")))))))
;; Presentation Note: For conceptual continuity, we guarantee
;; that backquote doc immediately follows main pcase doc.
;; (The order of the other extensions is unimportant.)
(let (more)
;; Collect all the extensions.
(mapatoms (lambda (symbol)
(let ((me (get symbol 'pcase-macroexpander)))
(when me
(push (cons symbol me)
;; Ensure backquote is first.
(let ((x (assq '\` more)))
(setq more (cons x (delq x more))))
;; Do the output.
(while more
(let* ((pair (pop more))
(symbol (car pair))
(me (cdr pair))
(doc (documentation me 'raw)))
(insert "\n\n-- ")
(setq doc (help-fns--signature symbol doc me
(indirect-function me)
(insert "\n" (or doc "Not documented.")))))
(let ((combined-doc (buffer-string)))
(if ud (help-add-fundoc-usage combined-doc (car ud)) combined-doc)))))
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