Commit e6e91eda authored by Peter Galbraith's avatar Peter Galbraith
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(mh-url-unreserved-chars): Fix typo from `mh-url-unresrved-chars'.

parent ae2c9c21
2006-02-03 Peter S Galbraith <>
* mh-compat.el (mh-url-unreserved-chars): Fix typo from
2006-02-02 Bill Wohler <>
* mh-e.el (Version, mh-version): Add +cvs to version.
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ The arguments FIXEDCASE, LITERAL, SUBEXP, and START are ignored."
;; Copy of constant from url-util.el in Emacs 22; needed by Emacs 21.
(if (not (boundp 'url-unreserved-chars))
(defconst mh-url-unresrved-chars
(defconst mh-url-unreserved-chars
?a ?b ?c ?d ?e ?f ?g ?h ?i ?j ?k ?l ?m ?n ?o ?p ?q ?r ?s ?t ?u ?v ?w ?x ?y ?z
?A ?B ?C ?D ?E ?F ?G ?H ?I ?J ?K ?L ?M ?N ?O ?P ?Q ?R ?S ?T ?U ?V ?W ?X ?Y ?Z
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