Commit e6f528ba authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(all): Depends on ${WORLD} instead of ${TIT} and

(clean, mostlyclean): Don't delete *.elc distributed with tarball.
(maintainer-clean): Delete files that are not in CVS repository.
parent c99ffedf
......@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ NON-TIT=${CHINESE-NON-TIT} ${JAPANESE} ${KOREAN} ${EUROPEAN} ${MISC}
${RUN-EMACS} -f batch-byte-compile $<
all: ${BUILT-EMACS} ${SUBDIRS} ${TIT} ${MISC-DIC} leim-list.el
all: ${BUILT-EMACS} ${SUBDIRS} ${WORLD} leim-list.el
# To ensure that we can run Emacs. This target is ignored (never
# being hit) if a user changes default value of EMACS.
......@@ -223,14 +223,17 @@ install: all
-chmod -R a+r ${INSTALLDIR}
clean mostlyclean:
rm -f ${TIT} ${NON-TIT} ${WORLD} ${TIT:.elc=.el} \
${MISC-DIC} ${MISC-DIC:.elc=.el} leim-list.el
rm -f ${TIT} ${TIT:.elc=.el} ${MISC-DIC} ${MISC-DIC:.elc=.el} \
distclean maintainer-clean: clean
distclean: clean
if test -f stamp-subdir; then rm -rf ${SUBDIRS} stamp-subdir; fi
rm -f Makefile
extraclean: distclean
maintainer-clean: distclean
rm -f ${WORLD}
extraclean: maintainer-clean
-rm -f *~ \#* m/?*~ s/?*~
# arch-tag: f666a939-8145-4d64-a6a6-cc1f61bd32ca
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