Commit e6fa0836 authored by Reuben Thomas's avatar Reuben Thomas
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Revert "Add Enchant support to ispell.el (Bug#17742)"

This reverts commit 7136e672.
parent 89187e93
......@@ -208,10 +208,6 @@ Must be greater than 1."
:type 'integer
:group 'ispell)
;; XXX Add enchant to this list once enchant >= 1.6.1 is widespread.
;; Before that, adding it is useless, as if it is found, it will just
;; cause an error; and one of the other spelling engines below is
;; almost certainly installed in any case, for enchant to use.
(defcustom ispell-program-name
(or (executable-find "aspell")
(executable-find "ispell")
......@@ -609,8 +605,6 @@ english.aff). Aspell and Hunspell don't have this limitation.")
"Non-nil if we can use Aspell extensions.")
(defvar ispell-really-hunspell nil
"Non-nil if we can use Hunspell extensions.")
(defvar ispell-really-enchant nil
"Non-nil if we can use Enchant extensions.")
(defvar ispell-encoding8-command nil
"Command line option prefix to select encoding if supported, nil otherwise.
If setting the encoding is supported by spellchecker and is selectable from
......@@ -745,26 +739,17 @@ Otherwise returns the library directory name, if that is defined."
(and (search-forward-regexp
"(but really Hunspell \\([0-9]+\\.[0-9\\.-]+\\)?)"
nil t)
(match-string 1)))
(setq ispell-really-enchant
(and (search-forward-regexp
"(but really Enchant \\([0-9]+\\.[0-9\\.-]+\\)?)"
nil t)
(match-string 1)))))
(let* ((aspell8-minver "0.60")
(ispell-minver "3.1.12")
(hunspell8-minver "1.1.6")
(enchant-minver "1.6.1")
(minver (cond
((not (version<= ispell-minver ispell-program-version))
((and ispell-really-aspell
(not (version<= aspell8-minver ispell-really-aspell)))
((and ispell-really-enchant
(not (version<= enchant-minver ispell-really-enchant)))
(if minver
(error "%s release %s or greater is required"
......@@ -1198,36 +1183,6 @@ dictionary from that list was found."
(list dict))
ispell-hunspell-dictionary-alist :test #'equal))))
;; Make ispell.el work better with enchant.
(defvar ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist nil
"An alist of parsed Enchant dicts and associated parameters.
Internal use.")
(defun ispell-find-enchant-dictionaries ()
"Find Enchant's dictionaries, and record in `ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist'."
(let* ((dictionaries
(concat ispell-program-name "-lsmod") nil t nil "-list-dicts")
" ([^)]+)\n"))
(mapcar #'(lambda (lang)
`(,lang "[[:alpha:]]" "[^[:alpha:]]" "['.’-]" t nil nil utf-8))
;; Merge into FOUND any elements from the standard ispell-dictionary-base-alist
;; which have no element in FOUND at all.
(dolist (dict ispell-dictionary-base-alist)
(unless (assoc (car dict) found)
(setq found (nconc found (list dict)))))
(setq ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist found)
;; Add a default entry
(let ((default-dict
'(nil "[[:alpha:]]" "[^[:alpha:]]" "['.’-]" t nil nil utf-8)))
(push default-dict ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist))))
;; Set params according to the selected spellchecker
(defvar ispell-last-program-name nil
......@@ -1253,7 +1208,7 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(setq ispell-library-directory (ispell-check-version))
(error nil))
(or ispell-encoding8-command ispell-really-enchant))
;; auto-detection will only be used if spellchecker is not
;; ispell and supports a way to set communication to UTF-8.
(if ispell-really-aspell
......@@ -1261,14 +1216,11 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(if ispell-really-hunspell
(or ispell-hunspell-dictionary-alist
(if ispell-really-enchant
(or ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist
;; Substitute ispell-dictionary-alist with the list of
;; dictionaries corresponding to the given spellchecker.
;; With programs that support it, use the list of really
;; If a recent aspell or hunspell, use the list of really
;; installed dictionaries and add to it elements of the original
;; list that are not present there. Allow distro info.
(let ((found-dicts-alist
......@@ -1277,19 +1229,17 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(if ispell-really-hunspell
(if ispell-really-enchant
(ispell-dictionary-base-alist ispell-dictionary-base-alist)
ispell-base-dicts-override-alist ; Override only base-dicts-alist
;; While ispell and aspell (through aliases) use the traditional
;; dict naming originally expected by ispell.el, hunspell & Enchant
;; use locale-based names with no alias. We need to map
;; dict naming originally expected by ispell.el, hunspell
;; uses locale based names with no alias. We need to map
;; standard names to locale based names to make default dict
;; definitions available to these programs.
(if (or ispell-really-hunspell ispell-really-enchant)
;; definitions available for hunspell.
(if ispell-really-hunspell
(let (tmp-dicts-alist)
(dolist (adict ispell-dictionary-base-alist)
(let* ((dict-name (nth 0 adict))
......@@ -1314,7 +1264,7 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(setq ispell-args
(nconc ispell-args (list "-d" dict-equiv)))
"ispell-set-spellchecker-params: Missing equivalent for \"%s\". Skipping."
"ispell-set-spellchecker-params: Missing Hunspell equiv for \"%s\". Skipping."
(setq skip-dict t)))
......@@ -1356,7 +1306,7 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(nth 4 adict) ; many-otherchars-p
(nth 5 adict) ; ispell-args
(nth 6 adict) ; extended-character-mode
(if (or ispell-encoding8-command ispell-really-enchant)
(if ispell-encoding8-command
(nth 7 adict)))
......@@ -1792,10 +1742,9 @@ and pass it the output of the last Ispell invocation."
(defun ispell-send-replacement (misspelled replacement)
"Notify spell checker that MISSPELLED should be spelled REPLACEMENT.
This allows improving the suggestion list based on actual misspellings.
Only works for Aspell and Enchant."
(and (or ispell-really-aspell ispell-really-enchant)
"Notify Aspell that MISSPELLED should be spelled REPLACEMENT.
This allows improving the suggestion list based on actual misspellings."
(and ispell-really-aspell
(ispell-send-string (concat "$$ra " misspelled "," replacement "\n"))))
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