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* admin/notes/git-workflow: Replace git-new-workdir with git

worktree and remove draft marker.
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(This is a draft. The method here won't actually work yet, because
neither git-new-workdir nor merge-changelog are in the Emacs
distribution yet.)
Setting up and using git for normal, simple bugfixing
......@@ -24,10 +20,9 @@ the current master and the emacs-26 branch.
mkdir ~/emacs
cd ~/emacs
git clone <membername> master
(cd master; git config push.default current)
./master/admin/git-new-workdir master emacs-26
cd emacs-26
git checkout emacs-26
cd master
git config push.default current
git worktree add ../emacs-26 emacs-26
You now have both branches conveniently accessible, and you can do
"git pull" in them once in a while to keep updated.
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