Commit e70ee681 authored by Roland Winkler's avatar Roland Winkler
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lisp/textmodes/bibtex.el: minor doc fix

parent ace88aa2
2012-01-28 Roland Winkler <>
* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-vec-incr): Fix docstring.
2012-01-28 Roland Winkler <>
* textmodes/bibtex.el (bibtex-entry-alist): New function.
......@@ -2191,6 +2191,10 @@ Optional arg COMMA is as in `bibtex-enclosing-field'."
(let ((fun (lambda (kryp kr) ; adapted from `current-kill'
(car (set kryp (nthcdr (mod (- n (length (eval kryp)))
(length kr)) kr))))))
;; We put the mark at the beginning of the inserted field or entry
;; and point at its end - a behavior similar to what `yank' does.
;; The mark is then used by `bibtex-yank-pop', which needs to know
;; what we have inserted.
(if (eq bibtex-last-kill-command 'field)
;; insert past the current field
......@@ -2219,7 +2223,7 @@ Optional arg COMMA is as in `bibtex-enclosing-field'."
(aset vec idx (cons newelt (aref vec idx))))
(defsubst bibtex-vec-incr (vec idx)
"Add NEWELT to the list stored in VEC at index IDX."
"Increment by 1 the counter which is stored in VEC at index IDX."
(aset vec idx (1+ (aref vec idx))))
(defun bibtex-format-entry ()
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