Commit e712a8fe authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani

Update module documentation for bignum support.

* doc/lispref/internals.texi (Module Values): Update documentation for
'make_integer' and 'extract_integer' for bignum support.
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......@@ -1378,7 +1378,9 @@ can be used to obtain the type of a @code{emacs_value} object.
This function returns the value of a Lisp integer specified by
@var{arg}. The C data type of the return value, @code{intmax_t}, is
the widest integral data type supported by the C compiler, typically
@w{@code{long long}}.
@w{@code{long long}}. If the value of @var{arg} doesn't fit into an
@code{intmax_t}, the function signals an error using the error symbol
@end deftypefn
@deftypefn Function double extract_float (emacs_env *@var{env}, emacs_value @var{arg})
......@@ -1440,11 +1442,10 @@ objects from basic C data types. They all return the created
@deftypefn Function emacs_value make_integer (emacs_env *@var{env}, intmax_t @var{n})
This function takes an integer argument @var{n} and returns the
corresponding @code{emacs_value} object. It raises the
@code{overflow-error} error condition if the value of @var{n} cannot
be represented as an Emacs integer, i.e.@: is not inside the limits
set by @code{most-negative-fixnum} and @code{most-positive-fixnum}
(@pxref{Integer Basics}).
corresponding @code{emacs_value} object. It returns either a fixnum
or a bignum depending on whether the value of @var{n} is inside the
limits set by @code{most-negative-fixnum} and
@code{most-positive-fixnum} (@pxref{Integer Basics}).
@end deftypefn
@deftypefn Function emacs_value make_float (emacs_env *@var{env}, double @var{d})
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