Commit e7272ece authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(f90-type-def-re): Fix value.

(f90-looking-at-type-like): Adapt for new value of `f90-type-def-re'.
parent 8355856a
2002-06-19 Glenn Morris <>
* progmodes/f90.el (f90-type-def-re): Fix value.
(f90-looking-at-type-like): Adapt for new `f90-type-def-re' value.
2002-06-18 Juanma Barranquero <>
* filesets.el (filesets-update-pre010505): Fix typo.
......@@ -632,8 +632,8 @@ do\\([ \t]*while\\)?\\|select[ \t]*case\\|where\\|forall\\)\\)\\>"
"Regexp matching the end of a TYPE, INTERFACE, BLOCK DATA section.")
(defconst f90-type-def-re
"\\<\\(type\\)\\([^(\n]*\\)\\(::\\)?[ \t]*\\b\\(\\sw+\\)"
"Regexp matching the declaration of a variable of derived type.")
"\\<\\(type\\)[ \t]+\\(\\sw+\\)\\>"
"Regexp matching the definition of a derived type.")
(defconst f90-no-break-re
(regexp-opt '("**" "//" "=>") 'paren)
......@@ -977,7 +977,7 @@ NAME is nil if the statement has no label."
NAME is non-nil only for type."
((looking-at f90-type-def-re)
(list (match-string 1) (match-string 4)))
(list (match-string 1) (match-string 2)))
((looking-at "\\(interface\\|block[\t]*data\\)\\>")
(list (match-string 1) nil))))
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