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Implement unprettification of symbol at point

* lisp/progmodes/prog-mode.el: Implement feature for unprettifying the
symbol at point.
(prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds): New variable.
(prettify-symbols--post-command-hook): New function.
(prettify-symbols-unprettify-at-point): New defcustom.
(prettify-symbols-mode): Use it.
(prettify-symbols--compose-symbol): Use them.
parent ecedfd66
......@@ -29,7 +29,8 @@
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl-lib))
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl-lib)
(require 'subr-x))
(defgroup prog-mode nil
"Generic programming mode, from which others derive."
......@@ -161,13 +162,20 @@ Regexp match data 0 points to the chars."
(let ((start (match-beginning 0))
(end (match-end 0))
(match (match-string 0)))
(if (funcall prettify-symbols-compose-predicate start end match)
(if (and (not (equal prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds (list start end)))
(funcall prettify-symbols-compose-predicate start end match))
;; That's a symbol alright, so add the composition.
(compose-region start end (cdr (assoc match alist)))
(compose-region start end (cdr (assoc match alist)))
start end
`(prettify-symbols-start ,start prettify-symbols-end ,end)))
;; No composition for you. Let's actually remove any
;; composition we may have added earlier and which is now
;; incorrect.
(remove-text-properties start end '(composition))))
(remove-text-properties start end '(composition
;; Return nil because we're not adding any face property.
......@@ -179,6 +187,29 @@ Regexp match data 0 points to the chars."
(defvar-local prettify-symbols--keywords nil)
(defvar-local prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds nil)
(defun prettify-symbols--post-command-hook ()
(if-let ((c (get-text-property (point) 'composition))
(s (get-text-property (point) 'prettify-symbols-start))
(e (get-text-property (point) 'prettify-symbols-end)))
(setq prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds (list s e))
(remove-text-properties s e '(composition)))
(when (and prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds
(or (< (point) (car prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds))
(>= (point) (cadr prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds))))
(apply #'font-lock-flush prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds)
(setq prettify-symbols--current-symbol-bounds nil))))
(defcustom prettify-symbols-unprettify-at-point t
"If non-nil, show the non-prettified version of a symbol when point is on it.
The prettification will be reapplied as soon as point moves away
from the symbol. If set to nil, the prettification persists even
when point is on the symbol."
:type 'boolean
:group 'prog-mode)
(define-minor-mode prettify-symbols-mode
"Toggle Prettify Symbols mode.
......@@ -206,8 +237,12 @@ support it."
(font-lock-add-keywords nil prettify-symbols--keywords)
(setq-local font-lock-extra-managed-props
(cons 'composition font-lock-extra-managed-props))
(when prettify-symbols-unprettify-at-point
(add-hook 'post-command-hook
#'prettify-symbols--post-command-hook nil t))
;; Turn off
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook #'prettify-symbols--post-command-hook t)
(when prettify-symbols--keywords
(font-lock-remove-keywords nil prettify-symbols--keywords)
(setq prettify-symbols--keywords nil))
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