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* dbus.texi (Errors and Events): New variable dbus-event-error-hooks.

parent bf86d09c
2009-01-26 Michael Albinus <>
* dbus.texi (Errors and Events): New variable dbus-event-error-hooks.
2009-01-26 Glenn Morris <>
* org.texi: Fix typos.
......@@ -1535,7 +1535,22 @@ from. It is either a signal name or a method name.
D-Bus errors are not propagated during event handling, because it is
usually not desired. D-Bus errors in events can be made visible by
setting the variable @code{dbus-debug} to @code{t}.
setting the variable @code{dbus-debug} to @code{t}. They can also be
handled by a hook function.
@defvar dbus-event-error-hooks
This hook variable keeps a list of functions, which are called when a
D-Bus error happens in the event handler. Every function must accept
one argument, the error variable catched in @code{condition-case} by
@code{dbus-error}. Example:
(defun my-dbus-event-error-handler (err)
(message "my-dbus-event-error-handler: %S" (cadr err)))
(add-hook 'dbus-event-error-hooks 'my-dbus-event-error-handler)
@end lisp
@end defvar
@node GNU Free Documentation License
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