Commit e7b20417 authored by Noah Friedman's avatar Noah Friedman
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type-break-time-warning-intervals, type-break-keystroke-warning-intervals,

type-break-warning-repeat: New variables.

type-break-time-warning-count, type-break-keystroke-warning-count: New

type-break-demo-boring: New function.
type-break-demo-functions: Add it to the default list.

type-break-post-command-hook: New variable.
type-break-run-tb-post-command-hook: New function.
type-break-mode: Install them.

type-break-keystroke-reset: New function.
type-break-check: Call it when appropriate.

type-break: call type-break-cancel-schedule.
Check that rest time was within 60 seconds of "good rest" interval, not 120.

type-break-time-warning-schedule, type-break-cancel-time-warning-schedule,
type-break-time-warning-alarm, type-break-time-warning: New functions.

type-break-schedule: Remove interactive spec and docstring.
Call type-break-time-warning-schedule.

type-break-cancel-schedule: Remove interactive spec and docstring.
Call type-break-cancel-time-warning-schedule.

type-break-check: Don't check for type-break-mode here.
type-break-run-tb-post-command-hook does that now.

type-break-keystroke-warning: New function.
type-break-check-keystroke-warning: New inline function (defsubst).
type-break-check: Call it.

type-break-query: Bind type-break-mode to nil while calling query function.
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