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/* s/ file for System V release 4.2. */
#include "usg5-4.h"
/* says this is useless since fork does copy-on-write
#define HAVE_VFORK */
/* says these exist. */
#if 0 /* autoconf should take care of this. */
/* #define HAVE_GETWD (appears to be buggy on SVR4.2) */
/* Info from suggests this is appropriate. */
/* We don't need the definition from usg5-3.h with POSIX_SIGNALS. */
#undef sigsetmask
/* This is the same definition as in usg5-4.h, but with sigblock/sigunblock
rather than sighold/sigrelse, which appear to be BSD4.1 specific and won't
work if POSIX_SIGNALS is defined. It may also be appropriate for SVR4.x
(x<2) but I'm not sure. */
/* This sets the name of the slave side of the PTY. On SysVr4,
grantpt(3) forks a subprocess, so keep sigchld_handler() from
intercepting that death. If any child but grantpt's should die
within, it should be caught after sigrelse(2). */
{ \
char *ptsname(), *ptyname; \
sigblock(sigmask(SIGCLD)); \
if (grantpt(fd) == -1) \
fatal("could not grant slave pty"); \
sigunblock(sigmask(SIGCLD)); \
if (unlockpt(fd) == -1) \
fatal("could not unlock slave pty"); \
if (!(ptyname = ptsname(fd))) \
fatal ("could not enable slave pty"); \
strncpy(pty_name, ptyname, sizeof(pty_name)); \
pty_name[sizeof(pty_name) - 1] = 0; \
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