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......@@ -62,8 +62,6 @@ to the hack introduced on 2005-07-01 to fix some other Cleartype problem.
** allout problem because pgg ignores its passphrases.
** Reconsider using Image mode for eps files?
** How should C-x C-v ask about saving?
** Delete prematurely applied allout.el changes.
2006-12-26 Richard Stallman <>
* image.el (image-type-header-regexps): Change element format
to include third item NOT-ALWAYS.
(image-type-from-data): Handle new format.
(image-type-from-buffer): Handle new format. New arg INCLUDE-MAYBES.
(image-type-from-file-header): Pass t for INCLUDE-MAYBES.
2006-12-26 Guanpeng Xu <> (tiny change)
* add-log.el (add-log-current-defun): Call `forward-sexp'
2006-12-26 Richard Stallman <>
* search.c (Fsearch_forward): Doc fix.
* callint.c (Finteractive): Doc fix.
2006-12-25 Kim F. Storm <>
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