Commit e834108f authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(mac-utxt-to-string): Don't make adjustment for

MacJapanese if text is ASCII-only.
parent 0745bc2e
......@@ -1265,8 +1265,10 @@ correspoinding TextEncodingBase value."
;; reverse solidus?
(if (string-match "[\xa0\xfd-\xff]" str)
(setq str nil)
(subst-char-in-string ?\x5c ?\(J\(B str t)
(subst-char-in-string ?\x80 ?\\ str t))))
;; ASCII-only?
(unless (string-match "\\`[[:ascii:]]*\\'" str)
(subst-char-in-string ?\x5c ?\(J\(B str t)
(subst-char-in-string ?\x80 ?\\ str t)))))
(or str
(decode-coding-string data
(if (eq (byteorder) ?B) 'utf-16be 'utf-16le)))))
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