Commit e8455140 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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Add copyright header.

parent e3a4c813
......@@ -1214,7 +1214,10 @@ Property value is a character."
(byte-compile describer)
(setq describer (symbol-function describer)))
(set-char-table-extra-slot table 3 describer))
(insert ";; Automatically generated from UnicodeData.txt.\n"
(insert ";; Copyright (C) 1991-2009 Unicode, Inc.
;; This file was generated from the Unicode data file at
;; See lisp/international/README for the copyright and permission notice.\n"
(format "(define-char-code-property '%S %S %S)\n"
prop table docstring)
";; Local Variables:\n"
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