Commit e8702794 authored by Vincent Belaïche's avatar Vincent Belaïche

Quick temporary hack to fix curcell refreshing.

The problem was caused by change: 2015-04-13 Deprecate `intangible'
and `point-entered' properties. The problem is that this change has
removed the (setq ses--curcell t) setting in the ses-command-hook

* ses.el (ses-check-curcell): replace `(eq ses--curcell t)' by just `t' as
a condition to call function `ses-set-curcell'. Comment this as a quick
temporary hack to make it work, as I don't know yet whether a definite
correction would be to make the ses-set-curcell at every ses-check-curcell,
or to revert to the previous approach, ie marking ses--curcell as out-of-date
at every potentially cursor motion command.
parent 36a0feb2
......@@ -1117,7 +1117,11 @@ region, or nil if cursor is not at a cell."
The end marker is appropriate if some argument is 'end.
A range is appropriate if some argument is 'range.
A single cell is appropriate unless some argument is 'needrange."
(if (eq ses--curcell t)
(if t;; Vincent B.:
;; previously (eq ses--curcell t)
;; this is a quick hack to temporary fix the bug implied by changes made by Stefan in
;; curcell recalculation was postponed, but user typed ahead.
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