Commit e87a7309 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(normal-top-level-add-to-load-path): New function.

(normal-top-level): Load subdirs.el in each dir in load-path.
parent e4636528
......@@ -160,10 +160,25 @@ specified by the LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE and LANG environment variables.")
(defvar init-file-had-error nil)
;; This function is called from the subdirs.el file.
(defun normal-top-level-add-to-load-path (dirs)
(let ((tail (member default-directory load-path)))
(setcdr tail (append (mapcar 'expand-file-name dirs) (cdr tail)))))
(defun normal-top-level ()
(if command-line-processed
(message "Back to top level.")
(setq command-line-processed t)
;; Look in each dir in load-path for a subdirs.el file.
;; If we find one, load it, which will add the appropriate subdirs
;; of that dir into load-path,
(let ((tail load-path)
(while tail
(setq new (cons (car tail) new))
(let ((default-directory (car tail)))
(load (expand-file-name "subdirs.el" (car tail)) t t t))
(setq tail (cdr tail))))
(if (not (eq system-type 'vax-vms))
;; If the PWD environment variable isn't accurate, delete it.
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