Commit e889393b authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(calendar-iso-from-absolute): Add autoload cookie.

parent 0fa9d7e2
......@@ -521,6 +521,14 @@ prefixes, eg `calendar-french-'. The old names you are likely to use
directly still exist, for the time being, as aliases, but please start
using the new names.
*** The whitespace in the calendar layout can be customized.
See the variables:
calendar-left-margin, calendar-intermonth-spacing, calendar-column-width,
calendar-day-header-width, and calendar-day-digit-width.
*** Text (e.g. ISO weeks) can be displayed between the calendar months.
See the variables calendar-intermonth-header and calendar-intermonth-text.
*** The function `holiday-chinese' computes holidays on the Chinese calendar.
It has been used to add items to the list `holiday-oriental-holidays'.
2008-06-26 Glenn Morris <>
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-date-echo-text): Doc fix.
Add default :value for sexp type.
(calendar-month-edges): New variable.
(calendar-month-edges): New function.
(calendar-recompute-layout-variables): Set calendar-month-edges.
(calendar-intermonth-header, calendar-intermonth-text): New options.
(calendar-insert-at-column): New function.
(calendar-generate-month): Use calendar-insert-at-column.
Handle intermonth text. Add 'date property.
(calendar-column-to-month): Remove function.
(calendar-column-to-segment): New function.
(calendar-cursor-to-date): Use calendar-column-to-segment.
Check 'date property.
* calendar/calendar.el (calendar-print-other-dates):
Handle mouse events.
* calendar/cal-menu.el (calendar-mouse-print-dates): Remove function.
(cal-menu-context-mouse-menu): Use calendar-print-other-dates.
* calendar/cal-move.el (calendar-cursor-to-nearest-date):
Use calendar-column-to-segment, calendar-month-edges, and
the 'date property to handle intermonth text.
* calendar/cal-iso.el (calendar-iso-from-absolute): Add autoload cookie.
* calendar/cal-menu.el (cal-menu-moon-menu, cal-menu-diary-menu)
(cal-menu-holidays-menu, cal-menu-goto-menu, cal-menu-scroll-menu):
Add doc strings.
2008-06-26 Stefan Monnier <>
* minibuffer.el (completion-basic-try-completion): Use the text after
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ Sunday). The Gregorian date Sunday, December 31, 1 BC is imaginary."
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'calendar-absolute-from-iso
'calendar-iso-to-absolute "23.1")
(defun calendar-iso-from-absolute (date)
"Compute the `ISO commercial date' corresponding to the absolute DATE.
The ISO year corresponds approximately to the Gregorian year, but weeks
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