Commit e8951513 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* (obj) Add region-cache.o to the list of files.

(region-cache.o): New target.
(buffer.o, indent.o, search.o): Depend on region-cache.h.
parent 788583a1
......@@ -467,6 +467,7 @@ obj= dispnew.o frame.o scroll.o xdisp.o window.o \
eval.o floatfns.o fns.o print.o lread.o \
abbrev.o syntax.o UNEXEC mocklisp.o bytecode.o \
process.o callproc.o \
region-cache.o \
doprnt.o strftime.o MKTIME_OBJ GETLOADAVG_OBJ
/* Object files used on some machine or other.
......@@ -789,7 +790,7 @@ alloca.o : alloca.s $(config_h)
and so rarely changed in ways that do require any. */
abbrev.o: abbrev.c buffer.h commands.h $(config_h)
buffer.o: buffer.c buffer.h commands.h window.h \
buffer.o: buffer.c buffer.h region-cache.h commands.h window.h \
INTERVAL_SRC blockinput.h $(config_h)
callint.o: callint.c window.h commands.h buffer.h mocklisp.h \
keyboard.h $(config_h)
......@@ -814,7 +815,7 @@ filelock.o: filelock.c buffer.h paths.h $(config_h)
filemode.o: filemode.c $(config_h)
getloadavg.o: getloadavg.c $(config_h)
indent.o: indent.c frame.h window.h indent.h buffer.h $(config_h) termchar.h \
termopts.h disptab.h
termopts.h disptab.h region-cache.h
insdel.o: insdel.c window.h buffer.h INTERVAL_SRC blockinput.h $(config_h)
keyboard.o: keyboard.c termchar.h termhooks.h termopts.h buffer.h \
commands.h frame.h window.h macros.h disptab.h keyboard.h syssignal.h \
......@@ -835,10 +836,12 @@ mocklisp.o: mocklisp.c buffer.h $(config_h)
process.o: process.c process.h buffer.h window.h termhooks.h termopts.h \
commands.h syssignal.h systime.h systty.h syswait.h frame.h $(config_h)
regex.o: regex.c syntax.h buffer.h $(config_h) regex.h
region-cache.o: region-cache.c buffer.h region-cache.h
frame.o: frame.c xterm.h window.h frame.h termhooks.h commands.h keyboard.h \
buffer.h $(config_h)
scroll.o: scroll.c termchar.h dispextern.h frame.h $(config_h)
search.o: search.c regex.h commands.h buffer.h syntax.h blockinput.h $(config_h)
search.o: search.c regex.h commands.h buffer.h region-cache.h syntax.h \
blockinput.h $(config_h)
strftime.o: strftime.c $(config_h)
syntax.o: syntax.c syntax.h buffer.h commands.h $(config_h)
sysdep.o: sysdep.c $(config_h) dispextern.h termhooks.h termchar.h termopts.h \
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