Commit e8ba94bf authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Simplify overflow check via INT_SUBTRACT_WRAPV

* src/editfns.c (check_tm_member): Simplify integer overflow check.
parent 378f5776
......@@ -2176,17 +2176,16 @@ usage: (decode-time &optional TIME ZONE) */)
/* Return OBJ - OFFSET, checking that OBJ is a valid fixnum and that
the result is representable as an int. Assume OFFSET is small and
nonnegative. */
the result is representable as an int. */
static int
check_tm_member (Lisp_Object obj, int offset)
n = XINT (obj);
if (! (INT_MIN + offset <= n && n - offset <= INT_MAX))
EMACS_INT n = XINT (obj);
int result;
if (INT_SUBTRACT_WRAPV (n, offset, &result))
time_overflow ();
return n - offset;
return result;
DEFUN ("encode-time", Fencode_time, Sencode_time, 6, MANY, 0,
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